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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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rain already moved through the area. >> you can see ultimate doppler radar we are in store for very wet night. look at all that green and yellow. check out this video from old city earlier today as pop-up showers drenched anyone caught in the downpour. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. thanks for joining us. looks it will be a very active week when it comes to our weather. we'll keep an eye on tropical storm joaquin. will it make landfall or how will this storm affect us depending on its path there could be another round of heavy rain and flooding by the weeke weekend. our chief meteorologist scott williams keeping a watchful eye out for us tonight. scott is in the weather center with the latest. scott. >> iain and lucy are certainly the start of a very soggy pattern. we saw some downpours earlier today and right now most of the heavy rain north and west. reading, allentown the pocono mountains. and then we'll have to potenti potentially contend with tropical moisture. but scan the view. take look off to the west. you can see a slug of moisture even some thunderstorm activity right now moving out of have va
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into maryland. tropical moisture moving from the gulf out ahead of that and then we also have joaquin which is intensifying right now in the at land tech but take look at the sky conditions right now. it's damp, dreary, 78 degrees. here's the hour by hour foreca forecast. grab an umbrella keep it handy you'll be dodge something showers we're looking at temperatures holding pretty steady late tonight into the mid 70s. overnight tonight, scattered downpours, maybe even a rumble of thunder. the heaviest of the rainfall likely north and west lehigh valley pocono mountains. we're talking locally one to 2-inches of rain. so watch out on the roadways overnight tonight for ponding as well as rhawn off. the other big talker today we're talking about tropical storm joaquin. take look at this. maximum sustain winds 65 miles per hour. slowly moving to the west southwest about 5 miles an hour and right now the spaghetti plots kind of all over the place. coming up we'll have much more on what this system could mean
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as star as a direct impact or an indirect impact. iain and lucy? >> all right, scott thank you for up to the updates on your weather head over to our website click the weather section for any weather alerts and all your live radar images. lock down at chester high school. skyfox flying over the scene moments aft police rushed to the for the report avenue gun inside the building. classmates saw boy but that gun in his backpack she told school officials. brad sattin life at chester police headquarters. brad it turns out that gun was a very real looking toy. >> reporter: yeah, it was a fake still the charges are very serious. this student tenth grader facing a charge of possession of a weapon at the school. it's a misdemeanor. police say the lock down was done by the book but the same can't be said of the school's general security measure measur. >> they said all the students had to clear the hallways and that the tee hers had to lock the doors. >> reporter: full lock down at 10:30 morning at chester high school after student reportedly a tenth grade boy with a gun.
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>> there was a student that took a weapon out of his waistband and put it in a black backpack we immediately started a search. >> told everybody to stay in class. they didn't say what was going on. >> reporter: the school's resource officer an armed police officer called for backup. >> we seen that cops surrounding the school, so i was like, oh, my gosh, what's going on? rt report less say the student ditched the backpack into a stairwell and when it was found, this was inside. police say it's his real looking as it gets along with the students id the gun was toy. the student located in class and arrested. no one was hurt. >> these kids aren't thinking these days. they're just doing stuff and they're not thinking. i just don't understand why he had a toy gun. >> reporter: yes, a toy but it does shine the spotlight on school safety here. >> the school district security is sadly under staffed. there are cameras in that building that weren't working. i mean, they do good job for
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what they have, but i mean they need more help. >> reporter: he says it's time to set priorities. >> pictures and school security are way more important than cutting grass somewhere. >> reporter: now we do know that 1584 old has been released from custody. police are also telling us he is a person of interest in an unrelated case stemming from the pointing avenue gun that happened outside of school. iain? >> brad, thank you. 12 people recovering tonight after the septa bus they were riding on crashed into a pole. sky fox caught the moments after the crash haverford and lansdowne avenues in west philadelphia. septa said the driver lost control of the bus taking out that utility pole. paramedic rush the driver and 11 passengers to the hospital. we do know the driver had some kind of medical problem. police say he though and everyone else is going to be just fine. a feeling of uneasiness for many into era philadelphia college pam of campus. police are on alert near temple university aft a man sexually
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assault add student. the attack happened off campus but news of the crime is fueling fears from both students and neighbors. fox 29's bruce gordon is life in north philadelphia just outside temple. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, this is big news for students and their parents frankly who thought this stretch of carlisle just a block away from busy broad street was safe off campus housing. well last night a violent attacker came calling and shattered that belief. the 14 and 1500 block of carlisle street are normally filled with construction workers and temple university students. that's because it's a growing mecca for those looking foreclose by off campus housing. with more units on the way. but on this day there were others about. philadelphia police detectives searching for clues in the late night rape and rob bro of a temple student neighbors are on edge. >> it's freaky. i go home late sometimes. so -- >> reporter: not what you want
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to hear. >> no. yeah, definitely not. >> reporter: police say a 20-year-old female temple student on her way home from the library reported being jumped from behind by a dark skinned african-american man in his mid 20s with a goatee around 11:15 monday night on the 1400 block of carlisle. she told police her attacker struck her on the arm with a silver handgun. shoved her against a wall then sexually assaulted her. the man ran off. northbound on carlisle toward ox for street. that would have taken him right past surveillance cameras set up by the owner and landlord at temple nest apartments. tom sit tow has 250 units around here. has always viewed it as safe. >> my daughter stayed here as well and she live at temple so i practice what i preach. i always feel it's save enough for my daughter it's save enough for my students or my kids that live here. >> reporter: as detectives continue their sweep through the neighbor sifting through trash cans and peering into sewer greats for clues, female students are giving more attention to their late night travel habits.
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>> we're all pretty shock, and it's scary thing especially because there are many instance where is we woke home around those times. >> reporter: philadelphia police reportedly have some surveillance video in hand. they're of course looking for more much the woman in this incident the victim was walking alone at the time of the attack. we are told her condition, well, she was simply describe as being visibly shaken. iain? >> bruce, thank you. jury selection begins today in the trial of griffin campbell. he's the demolition contractor charged with murder after a 2013 building collapse in center city that killed six people. campbell has maintained his innocence since that collapse a couple of years ago. fox 29's dawn timmeney was in the courtroom today and, dawn, jury shrek still not finish? >> well iain they thought it was but then a slight glitch. one of the jurors shreked from pool of 100 called up to the courtroom after 3:00 o'clock to say she couldn't be on the jury because of a work hardship that means tomorrow morning 25 more toe potential jurors will be questioned to choose one or two more alternates and then both
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sides will go at it. the faces of those killed in the market street building collapse appear on huge board being brought into the criminal justice center this afternoon. this along with boxes and boxes of evidence as the murder trial of griffin campbell gets under way. the 51-year-old was the lead contractor dee moil polishing a four-story building on the 2100 block of market street in june of 2013. but on the morning of june 5t june 5th, part of that building came crashing down on the adjacent salvation army thrift store. sick people inside were killed, 13 others seriously injured. heavy equipment operator believed to have cough the collapse pleaded guilty in july to a series of charges including six counts of involuntary manslaughter, conspiracy and causing a catastrophe. it was all part of a plea agreement with prosecutors who agreed to only ask for prison end sentence of 10 to 20 years. griffin campbell was offered that same deal but wanted to
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take his case to trial. this despite facing live in prison without parole if a jury finds him guilty of more than one count of third degree murder. his attorney says his client is innocent and the collapse a tragic accident. now the prosecution maintains campbell was neglect and should be held criminally libel for what happened. sean benschop who was the ex today later operator has agreed to testify against his former boss as part of his deal. opening arguments are set to get under way tomorrow afternoon at 1:30. the trial is expected to last four weeks. iain and lucy? >> all right, dawn, thank you. more fallout tonight forge comedian bill cosby. >> the latest headline has him making history not for a good reason, though. the title just yanked from the philadelphia native. >> and some of our own fox 29 talent hid the grin iron at the linc today some even getting tackled in the process. we'll tell you why it was all for a good cause. >> howard. >> oh, my gosh. you got to be kidding me.
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(laughter). >> i can't help myself. eagles have a new kicker and they have new challenges to get better to figure out they should use the fox 29 crew. they better get it figured out. we hear from the players coming up in sports. more kids are suffering from asthma
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and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be.
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♪ >> emotional day today as family and friends said goodbye to baseball great yogi berra. ♪ >> the yankees great was remembered today by a parade of opinion striped greats past and present they gathered for final farewell to the hall of famer.
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>> today we celebrate the fact that yogi berra personafied the american dream. yogi, you were a champion in every single one of those 90 years and we are grateful. god bless you and your wonderful family, my friend. >> berra died last week. the last chapter in an amazing tale that saw the kid from st. louis achieve greatness in new york city. his funeral and burial were hell in montclair, new jersey, his adopted hometown. berra was 90 years old. bill cosby lost yet another honorary degree this week. this time from brown university. it's the first time the rhode island institution has rescinded an honorary degree and this is the third honorary degree stripped from cosby a mid an on-going scandal that he drug and sexually assaulted more than 50 women. fordham university and marquette university have also rescinded honors previously given to cos cosby.
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prosecutors have never charged him. a pivotal evening for five candidates looking to become' philly's next mayor. jim kenney, melissa bury baylor... they'll take the stage in about 45 minutes. three more debates are schedule for next month all ahead of the general election on november 3rd. >> group of utility workers from new jersey making sure a park in camden gets a whole lot of love. about 150 employees with new jersey american water volunteered their time today getting their hands little dirty in the process. together they planted dozens of trees and shrubs at reverend evers park across the street. more of the same almost dozen new trees and 20 news shrubs are in the ground at creative arts morganville hatch academy. all of it made possible from a camden city park res sr. race project. >> big char will the football game at the linc today. brought familiar faces on to the
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field. >> that was good day's alex holley getting tackled but she bounces right back up much she's young. see they bounce back like that. quincy harris and chris o'connell are a little older. they were also playing in today's big event. it's the third year for the game hosted by nrg energy based right here in philadelphia. nrg donates thus san dollars to charity of each player's choosing. we got an injury update from that game. chris o'connell injured his knee. >> he did. >> pretty serious, yeah. >> have an up dat for you later tonight. >> notice you and i weren't invite. apparently we're way over the hill. >> you guys can't play in these games. >> they inn invited me a couple years ago. i passed. >> you're smart. the whole knee thing. >> he'll stick to golf. >> that's right. stick to golf. >> you're zigging to the weather. >> i mean we really have lot to talk about you guys. over the next couple of days grab an umbrella an poncho kind of keep it handy because we're looking at some tropical downpours also we have to keep tabs on what's happening with joaquin which could become a hurricane right now pretty quiet as we look at ultimate doppler
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for most of the area movie rainfall to the south of baltimore, washington, d.c. that's going to be moving up in our direction over the neck several hours. so the heaviest of the rainfall likely overnight tonight while most of you are sleeping. so here's the set up and pattern we have a slow moving front off to the west. it's tapping into some tropical moisture moving out of the gulf of mexico. so we'll help to kind of squeeze out more in the way of those showers and then we have to monitor joaquin. it will be slow mover over the next several days off to the west then eventually to the north likely as a hurricane. so as we take look hour boy hour, we're watching that front boundary you can see all of that moisture along and out ahead of it it looks the heaviest of the rain with this system is going to be north and west. so by 10:00 o'clock most of the heavy rain still off to the central part of the state. then overnight you can see some of those showers rotating through the area. where you see the red, where you said the yellow and orange that indicates the higher intensity so by tomorrow morning when
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you're watching sue, still looking at most of the heavy rainfall north and west, south jersey, sections of delaware you'll see some rain but once again you won't get the heaviest of the downpours. then that front slowly but surely pushes through the area tomorrow with a couple of left over showers. so take look at the latest computer model guidance much you can see by tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. we're looking at one to 2-inches north and west. and then before all is said and done on average along the i-95 corridor 1 inch higher amounts north and west lesser amounts once you move into south jersey and delaware. so what's happening with tropical storm joaquin? not whole lot of mommy right now. but take a look at the wind. 65 miles per hour all it needs is 74 or greater to become classified as hurricane. no will likely happen tomorrow. but take look at the forecast track. this is friday. you can see it's still to the south around the bahamas likely as a 90 per hour hurricane. and then it will likely lift a little farther to the north here's saturday 2:00 p.m.
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90 miles per hour storm but still off of the southeast coast and as we move toward sunday it's still well to our south. even though this projected path has it to our south, we'll still see some of no tropical moisture as well as the wind kind of syphoning into our area so that's why we're have to monitor the situation for indirect impact. late week into the weekend down the shore 40 miles per hour coastal wind, tidal flooding and beach erosion possible as we watch that system. it felt tropical today. 85 degrees. that was the high testimony cher. well above where we should be for this time of year. temperatures right now mid to upper 70s for most. so overnight scattered downpours the heaviest north and west. locally one to 2-inches of rain. and then left over showers as we move toward the day tomorrow. 76 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow. that seven day forecast shows chilly conditions thursday and friday and then watching the coast for joaquin this weekend. >> all right.
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scott, thank you sounds good. no, it does not sound good at all. >> i don't want to get rained on again. >> that's not fun. trust me. >> the fans still have concerns about the eagles. i have concerns about the rain eagles back, back at practice today. think they have the figure out new eagles kick ser in town. that's coming up in sports.
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♪ the eagles, they play another game. they absolutely need to win but it's also a game they should win. they are playing a brutal washington redskins team. surprising that the redskins actually have a win this season but the eagles still three-point favorites. now they may see their former wide receiver desean jackson who is not played so far this season with a hamstring injury. desean jackson has not set the world on fire in his first year with the redskins last year. but he sure did light the eagles up last december. now the eagles do have a new and better section secondary this year. desean jackson, so what? >> i don't know if this game changes much with him or out. i think it's just the awareness of our deep defenders who always going to pay attention where he's at on the field he's obviously the one who can blow the top off the coverage the fastest. i enjoy going against the best. a competitor like he is with a chip on his shoulder and foul
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taste in his mouth about this place. >> how we approach it every single week much he's a good receiver. he'll play and we expect him to play and prepare for him to play. we know he's going to have some added far because his old team. we'll have business as normal. >> eagles made it official today. cody parkey on season ending injury reserve with a groin injury. signed khalib sturgess who last played with miami. parkey suffered the injury in warm ups before the game sunday against the jets. so bad he now has a blood clot. you can tell something was wrong when his kick offs were short. he knew he was hur. >> remember from the first kick in warmups jets game i was like wow this does not feel good. and just obviously suck it up and was able to get through the game and helped my team out. >> i feel really ready. this is my third year kicking and for -- fortunately for me it's not a big playbook or
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anything like that i have to learn. great snapper and great holder and makefield goals and kick off well. >> how about kick the ball. >> thing called up rights. he might be a good guy. >> up rights. the playbook says you put it between the up rights. on kick offs you kick it into the end zone. how is that for a simple playbook. >> there you go. >> good study. get the done. >> can you imagine watching football game with these two? (laughter). >> be sure to tune in tonight for the fox 29 news at 10. halloween costume setting off fire storm. what one mom saw advertised for little girls even some adults wouldn't wear. her reaction going viral. would you let your toddler wear it? you decide tonight at 10:00. >> all right. hope you got your galoshes as my grandmom would say rain boots and your umbrella. that does it for us at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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more on car insurance. and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be.
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>> jim carrey tragedy. the shocking suicide of his ex- girlfriend. >> pills found next to her body and a suicide note mentioning jim carrey. >> then, she is having a baby now. >> on the ground. >> why is dad getting handcuffed? >> surely this can't be happening. >> what is going on here? >> and a gator ate her arm. >> there i was, gator's mouth on my arm. he wasn't letting go. >> was there a plot against the pope? >> this is a serious incident. >> accused of driving on the tarmac at jfk with a foot long hunting knife. >> she thought she was doing something nice saving this little guy but


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